Poll Do you carry or display photographs of people important to you?

Do you keep photos on you, or display them in your home?

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I have loads of photos on my phone, but none displayed. My actual flat is a bit.. impersonal tbh. I don't think it's so much from hiding pics of family or friends, it's more from being used to moving really regularly so I don't bother to decorate n make it personal, cos i dont really feel like anywhere is "home". Even though I've been here 6 years, my brain still kinda feels like that I guess.


We just watched something on TV (can't remember what it was) and the bad guys were looking through someone's house to see where they would go to hide. They were looking at their photos on the walls to find them. J said "they would never find anything on our walls would they "? 😆

I just remembered what movie it was. Those Who Wish Me Dead with Angelina Jolie.


I related it to moving so much, to not having home stability (even in adulthood). But if I'm honest, it's because the pictures make me sad. They remind me of people I miss, times I miss, and they make me feel *lacking*.


Yep and have no idea why! I've got a photo wall in a hallway and most of those people don't talk to me anymore. I need to change them out for either nothing or just those of me and my brother as children. I have a few of those pictures before things started to happen and I love them. Maybe having pictures is my way of keeping them in my heart somehow but, yeah. Also, a few were talking to me when I put together that photo wall and it's not changed in like 10 yrs except adding one of my dad in his bomber jacket in the airforce that he gave me on Christmas but other then that, it's not changed in over 10 yrs. So, some were still talking to me then.


The only place I have photos displayed is outside my bedroom door of me and my grandfather sitting together...I was wearing his hat... some 20 years ago. Hard to believe all that time has passed.


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I recently moved into my partner's house so no photos are up yet but in my house I had a gallery wall with photos of me with my friends and chosen family. It really helped on the lonely days.