Poll Do you carry or display photographs of people important to you?

Do you keep photos on you, or display them in your home?

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Nope. I used to have pictures of my kids up. Once I learned that they didn't have the childhood I thought they did, I couldn't stand to look at the pictures. It took several years before I could. I never got in the habit of putting any up after that. The rest of my family can be triggers.


I don’t either. but at a T’s suggestion I have used recent and a set of positive childhood pics of myself as a way to focus my attention on myself.

I have pretty good success tolerating a (flattering) recent pic of myself at a happy or self-care oriented event. seeing it helps me remember that I’m supposed to care about myself. it’s a reminder that I’m supposed to matter.

the childhood ones not so much. they are harder to connect to.

i meld them into a casual but intentional display of the year’s mementos to again reinforce memories of good messages. Not being just photos helps reduce the uncomfortable parts of how photos impact me.


I have a framed picture of myself and my partner at our civil partnership and this is kept on the bookcase. I have a picture of my dog and a fave picture of myself and my partner on my home office desk (i dont have any pics on my place of work office desk). I always have my phone that has loads of photos on and photos always pop up on my smart watch which always make me smile.
I understand why photos can be hard for people. My mum used to have a big framed collage of photos on her kitchen wall and the biggest photo , dead centre and pride of place was of my brother ( my abuser) , i always felt he was the favourite . I hated that collage and i never wanted to sit in my mums kitchen when I visited- to make it more painful mum at this stage did know about the historic abuse ! Anyways when i decided to report to the police and the courts - mum woke up and she removed every picture of him.


Other. I mainly don’t keep photos on display or on me/ but phones changed that somewhat.

When we moved we made a Salk area with a picture of each of our parents and that feels a bit odd . My DH’s relationship with his parents was very different to mine - genuinely loving while some worrying aspects of neglect occurred it is a family bond with secure attachments from his perspective- yet we both have a relationship with mine - however difficult and fractured it is. There are very very few photos remaining of my mother , that I have three is significant. The one of y father is a copy of his old work photo 😂. There are no pictures of me in our house.