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Do You Forget Flashbacks? Warning I Got Long Winded

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V: Don't forget about the cup explanation!

Your stress levels are through the roof right now and all it will take is a sock out of place to make you snap. Being unable to do anything because your so sick and anxious, yet having demands put on you by your family will cause you to become more anxious. It's a recipe for PTSD rages.

Try to concentrate on taking care of yourself (as much as possible with your hell on wheels running rampant) and let the house go. Try to NOT stress about the house. You need to worry about you right now, so that you don't end up in the hospital.

Ding me if you need to chat and I hope your walk went well.

Thanks for reminding me about my "cup".

Little "princess" has not been too bad today yet. But of course I am running cartoons out the wazoo for her and the day has just really started. But she is poised for battle as she dressed herself back in her princess nightie and fluffy loud clanking shoes and donned her crown again before I woke up and won't take them off. Clothes out the window again today and I am not even going to fight it.

And the walk. What walk? The giant pants of hubs he gave he dug out of the mud room apparently (love hubs for getting me dirty clothes). I noticed a wet spot after I put them on. Peculiar. I smell it and it is cat spray. ARGH! This is why laundry stays in hampers unless washed! Our male cat will do this to clothes left in the laundry room floor and someone "helped" by doing a half cycle of clothes and dumping them all over the floor in there. So I got so pissed and had to reshower as I had it all over me.

Obviously I am a moron to assume he would get something out of a closet? And what is the point of getting rid of those furry nuggets if my cat still sprays, grrr. Now he has to stay outside in the cold night until I throughly clean and get the smell out of the room or he will keep doing it. I got this cat's MO down pat on this at least.

You may be dinged a lot today LOL. I am vent mode.
Not open for further replies.