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Do you forget your T's face out of session time?

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Thanks @Friday and @Tinyflame

Lots of questions to think about @Friday ...


I’m wondering how much of your therapist blanking out is an avoidance symptom, since going TO him means dealing with trauma-schtuff? Some people’s minds wipe anyone/everything associated, or anyone/everyone associated in certain vectors.

Wouldn't say I recognise faces with particular ease.. it's a hard thing to measure though..

With my T it could be an avoidance sypmtom... could also be the fact I can't hold my head up and hold eye contact or look at him for long at all.. I'm trying to do this more to get more of a sense of him.. and I'd say I have more of a sense but certainly not clear features yet..or a clear picture...

But it's not just faces atm... since starting therapy my brain is finding it hard to hold Lots of different types of info..esp conversation... I'm not able to work as much as before as my brain can't hold info long enough to prioritise, switch from one task to another (let alone just focus on one task)... my attention is shot which is impacting on memory... but I am genuinely forgetting convos that people are telling me I've had... I'm going for a memory test in a few weeks.. got so worried about early dementia I asked the doc to do a test...

So it's not just with T..

I can remember family faces and friends... but I don't think new people who I don't know well...
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