Does it ever get better?



I had a triggering incident today in which a driver tried to run me and my baby over because as he put it “I’d rather run you over than hold up traffic”.

We exchanged words which is putting it lightly but it’s been hours and I still can’t seem to calm down.

Any advice?
I am not a therapist but discerning between being triggered and a truly normal fight or flight situation is important. For me, that situation warranted a reaction such as the one you had and are having.Someone tried to kill you with no remorse. Plus, the situation never resolved and that person is still out there with no accountability. Cut yourself some slack. You truly were traumatized. The past definitely adds to the situation. Processing this will take a bit of support, therapy, and even a possible prescription. Journaling has always produced benefits to me so I can review and truly see the situation from a cognitive standpoint. Thinking of you and sending prayers your way.
i surely hope that one doesn't get any easier, nika. i'm not sure i would like myself if i could take such an incident with a casual shrug.

when i went through a similar but far less threatening incident with my own son, i validated my emotions as both natural and okay. i then pampered myself until the emotional repercussions passed. i tried to pamper my son as well, but backed off at the first, "awwww, mom! ! !" he was nowhere near as upset as i was and my therapist suggested i watch out for the contagion factor between parents/children. undue alarm in mama causes undue alarm in the babies.
When I’m doing wellest?

Even new trauma doesn’t effect me, (because I’ve processed the old trauma so well, the new neatly sorts itself out), much less triggers of old trauma.

So, yes. In a big way. It CAN get better.

With PTSD? The numbers for being totally asymptomatic (both with & without treatment) are over 90%. I’ve read some fairly comprehensive longitudinal studies that place it between 92% & 96%.

Those are STELLAR odds.

Far better than the the 51% of “most”.


I’m personally in the 4-8% who experience symptoms long term. Shrug. Even so? I had over a decade of being nearly asymptomatic, and would likely be so, again, if I can’t caught some bad luck… but even then? Pfft. Am soooooo much BETTER than I can & have been, at my worst. As in, 20+ hours a day, locked in very severe symptoms, to a few times a week, or a few times a month. Sometimes, predicitble, because stress… other times, because surprise.

If I can sort my life out, again, I’ll most likely be back to being nearly asymptomatic. Until then? Improvise, adapt, overcome. Shrug.


Better? Hell. Yes.