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Does Your Body Shake When You Talk About Trauma?

Trauma recall is triggering, but remember to check your surroundings, you are safe in the moment, the past is not in the room or wherever you are, you are okay. You have a right to talk about your experiences, it is healthy. Talking is airing the ugly truth so it can't keep harming. Trembling is a common response, and will subside over time, but keep your allies and therapists close. I am 56, and things are rough sometimes- pretty often. I get the shakes when blindsided. Basil helps, and chamomile, beets and lentils, all these have calmative compounds that really help sooth the stress. You got this.
It is a lot like the symptoms of my PTSD and my body and my brain has to go through with the same thing
And you are not alone in this I sometimes feel alone and I think it's not going to improve but have to go on and fight the feeling try other things to occupy mind and time
It’s not, like, full-body trembling but my hands get very shaky when my anxiety spikes, and there are few things that cause as much anxiety as talking about those events. My therapist has pointed out that she can tell when a subject is particularly distressing because I’ll shove them in my pockets to hide it.
It's a sympathetic nervous system response, totally normal. Same reason why your teeth may chatter sometimes when you're activated/anxious.
Triggered in therapy -> I lost my voice.
Also have experienced fragmentation.