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General EMDR and lurking darkness

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How do you stop the fear response?

I sometimes struggle with getting in between the perceived fear and the fight/flight response, so by that point anxiety attacks kick in and it’s game over for me
I've tried several different "coping strategies" over the years, and the one that has worked always, and with the least amount of effort, is repeating this affirmation. I still have it set as a daily calendar event with reminder so I'll see it, even though it's now memorized lol 🤭

(I didn't write this and don't recall now which blog it was in- I've used it for about 4yrs now)

Whether it's actually, logically true or not is irrelevant to me as it calms me. It makes me feel good! 😁 Sometimes I have to repeat it 3 or 4 times during an attack lol, but it works for me.

"ALL is well. Everything is working out for my highest good. From this situation, only good will come to me. I am safe."

NOTE: I think is only for the  perceived threats/ intrusive thoughts/feelings/body sensations...not real, actual physical threats.

Hth. 😊💕
The other day I actually contemplated splashing cold water on my face because I knew it would help and longed for it, but I was freezing, in public, and had makeup on (and no towel. If I had had a towel I might have done my cheeks!) 🙄

But that is really good advice @Soleil . And I never thought of a reminder! But it does remind me I used to put things like that on my phone to read when afraid or sad or overwhelmed. I started copying some down and felt better just reading them, but have been too tired and stretched to make it a priority. (For some reason it's hard to start?) I don't know if I could remember that long one, but there was one, "Trust; Hope; Do not be afraid: I will not abandon you" that worked for me. I've said it during a few times in the last months but fell out of the practice of it after many years. Thank you for the reminder. Whatever resonates or you can believe in and makes you feel better is the key as you said, I think too. Perhaps because it addresses/counters the core fears or beliefs?

Also, perhaps it's good in real threats too? In so far as helping to keep one's head, which is necessary, and to help one's self.

Thank you. Hope @Njay can find it helpful too.
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