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It’s why I’m not a big fan of these ‘after context’ videos against law enforcement. In fact in my history. I have only ever seen one video that showed everything that went wrong and deserved airtime. Because it showed everything from beginning to end. But yeah..... I still lose sleep some night fearful that someone else may have recorded the incident. It’s terrifying!
Hi guys, I'm reviving this thread because I need help and your opinions.

So Amber Tamblyn, an actress, has written a debut novel and it is focused entirely on a female serial rapist who rapes men in the most grotesque ways.
Amber Tamblyn, Time’s Up Co-Founder, Focuses Debut Novel On Male Rape

In the book, the rapist sodomizes one man with a broom handle. She cuts another victim's genitals off. And all reviews of the book focus on how Tamblyn uses the story of a woman raping men to make some kind of point about men raping women.

This is not OK in my opinion. If a man wrote a book focusing on a man brutally serially raping women, there would be a huge outcry. Amber Tamblyn herself would be outraged. What makes this kind of writing OK? So, she's pointing out men can get raped. Thanks, I guess, but then she overturns this message - if this was even the message she intended to make - by giving interviews congratulating herself on using the rape of men to show how women are treated in our "rape culture." I'm inclined to think that it might be an elaborate revenge fantasy - Tamblyn is one of the most outspoken #MeToo spokeswomen.

And this all triggers me to hell. Guys, I need your thoughts on this. Am I overreacting?


I agree. It's like someone trying to prove a point about racism against one demographic by doing the same thing to others. It doesn't prove a point and it isn't okay. It is just as wrong and messed up. Women have also been known to be sexual predators of all varieties. People don't tend to focus on it as much for some reason. And it irritates me too. Take for example the lack of support men in the UK get when they report a rape. Many report being turned away by rape support charities because they are targetted at women and the legal definition of rape usually lessens what happens to blokes as sexual assault rather than "rape". I think people like her completely miss the point and make things worse for everyone going through it. Particularly because of the stigma attached to male rape.


Also, I don't think there should be a divide between men and women who have gone through it. If everyone put gender aside, it would make things better as people often forget guys can be victims too. I'm sorry this has triggered you. Things I see on the news, media, hear on the radio and every time someone says "sexual assault" or "sexual abuse" on TV without warning during a news broadcast smacks me in the head. The only thing she's proven is she's written this out of hatred and ignorance.


That says more about her own fantasy than anything else. I think it's one thing writing about crime as a work of fiction... But to cloak it with some kind of misguided purpose or social justice crap is just ridiculous. You don't empower victims of anything by targeting and belittling others. Sounds like she is trying to justify something she already knows is pretty messed up and gets defensive over it because deep down she knows it's wrong. Both men and women deserve better than to be put in a box like that. She isn't doing anyone any favours. Try not to read about it too much. It will just wind you up.


I was feeling bad enough that I tried out the 1in6 Helpline. It's a pretty good resource for chat...
I'm sorry you were feeling that bad. It doesn't really matter the gender of the person who offers support as long as it also caters to men in crisis. In the UK it was only recently that new support services and helplines were introduced. Hopefully it will be easier in time for people to get support.
As for you, I'm glad you called someone and reached out. It's a thousand times better than bottling it up and riding it out on your own. I really hope you're as okay as you can be. I'm rooting for you and everyone here is too. Sending you good vibes from the UK.
It doesn't really matter the gender of the person who offers support as long as it also caters to men in crisis.
Thanks, @SunDog - I am feeling a lot better. I would like to point out that to some people it really does matter what the gender of the support person is, in the same way that some people might feel very uncomfortable with a therapist of a particular gender, and I just wanted to mention it to the people it would matter to.


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So.... having to delay completion of a rape porn novel by a few months because of an immobilisation bandage is a form of torture now?
But a guy being buggered with a broomstick is good dessert reading?

Her kid's in for a real shock when they get old enough to read what mummy wrote.
No thank you. I'll pass on this one, and cancel my Netflix subscription when it becomes a hit miniseries.
Haha, feeling worse again but that's neither here nor there. Oh well.

You connect with whoever's available next in the chat. I guess you could probably ask for someone else once you're connected, but then you'd probably have to wait. And the wait times can be quite long. I was next in line when I logged on and I waited 20 minutes or so.