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Getting a Service Dog.

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My sister doesn't tolerate this at all.
^I know..I think I tolerate it well. I find it amusing, perhaps a little disconcerting and at times I'm really impressed at K's staying power.

Whenever your dog starts engaging in behaviour that you don't want? Instead of trying to train them to just not do that, train them what behaviour you'd prefer, and reward them for doing that alternative behaviour:)
^Yes - I am employing this in all areas. It works so well.

The internal dialogue you have going on when this happens ("My dog needs attention/why can't you leave me alone/I'm a terrible dog owner who isn't giving my dog enough attention" etc)? Try and notice it, and let it go.
^I don't have those thoughts but I do think I feel guilty because she puts in so much effort to please me and I'm sure I am not at all grateful enough.

there's a whole lot of people out there feeding their dogs cookies and bacon (really!?).
^I know.. I see obese ppl walking obese dogs a fair bit. Full points for taking them for a walk but.. slowing down the intake would resolve many health issues the 'modern' dog suffers from. I'm sure dogs are not happy carrying excess kilos.. eventhough they seem to want to eat all the time.

^I put K on a diet about a month ago. Well, not really - the word diet is a bit harsh. But I did reduce her once a day meal down again, by 10 grams. She did notice for the first couple of nights.. but then stopped returning to her bowl to double, triple check if there was anymore in it. Being a young dog the extra couple of kg's melted off her in a week?? I'm so jealous of her fast metabolism tbh.

And second, that rawhide bones are worth about 9 donuts in human terms. Wowsers!
^When K eats one...she's so full she's almost completely sated. That's not good for training... I need her to be enthusiastic. Anyway it's gone now and she doesn't know it but she'll not be getting another one.

nasty bleaching product they use to make rawhide treats.
^I didn't know this. Yuk. Thank you for info.!

check out the range of dried meat/bone treats as an alternative. Great for teeth, and most of them are straight up dried meat/bone.
^Yeah.. I've got deer shins... She's very happy chewing on them.. The first one she's got has lasted six months and she'll still chew on it. Her teeth were needing a clean before she started on the bone but now they're perfectly clean.

They're more expensive, but for good chewers (
^Yes.. $28 per bone... very expensive. Just as well they last a long time!

f you get lucky with a dog that doesn't have health problems it's not worth it. But for me? It has been a godsend.
^So in one way I'm taking a big gamble. Idk... K is fit and healthy now but because we're so active it may well be worth pushing through the fine details and finding a policy that would be helpful. This is the problem with insurance and I HATE it. I'm getting some help to work out what may be appropriate coverage.

Glad you're dog is getting the medical help he needs. I can only imagine with those kinds of conditions the long term financial stress.
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