Has anyone managed to fix their their gut?


And in my capacity as a Mod... Welcome to a 7 day ban to cool off.

If your drs did so much for you,why the f*ck do you need guidance here?I
If you choose to come back, I would keep in mind this is a peer to peer PTSD site. A robust gut biome does nothing to prevent or treat PTSD. It prevents and treats some forms of malnutrition, and the many myriad effects of malnutrition. This is not a peer to peer malnutrition site. Nor is crappy medical care required to suffer the effects of PTSD. A person can have fantastic doctors and still acquire and suffer from PTSD.

I did write it in paragraphs,the site did it when I posted it,sorry.
That’s not how this site works. Anyone having any difficulty in posting is more than welcome to use Contact Us for help in posting. There are also the Help Pages found in the footer of every page.