How do I disguise people's names when telling my story publicly?


i use their real names. they harmed me, i have no interest in preserving their dignity. they did not preserve mine.
I get this, but writing publicly can create a whole host of unwanted issues. And truthfully, if real names are used in a public venue - blog, book, etc...- you run the real risk of a lawsuit.


@grief I think difference is whether your identity is public or not. So few people here know who I am irl so I can say "dad" or "bigbro" or "guys from there when I lived there" n internet strangers can't identify them cos they can't identify me.

If it's a blog where *your* identity is public, dad is a word that identifies someone specific. So it is technically defamation whether it's true or not


whether it's true or not
Some places (most?) truth is an absolute defence to defamation.

But defamation isn't the only legal issue here.

2 years ago, I wasn't allowed to speak publicly about part of my abuse. Nothing to do with defamation, it was a "victim protection law" I would have been breaching.

Which is why we go for legal advice from someone who works in that niche - because it's actually pretty complicated.👍


I get this, but writing publicly can create a whole host of unwanted issues. And truthfully, if real names are used in a public venue - blog, book, etc...- you run the real risk of a lawsuit.
well if we are bringing law into this at the end of the day the law is different every where.

so it matters where the op lives and where the op's abusers live. but that also the op had indecated they did not have a desire to use the real names. so this is moot any way. i will admit that i took this question so much for granted

(you kind of have to just come up with what fake things you want to call them your self... the op can call them what ever fake thing they want.)

that i assumed that this thread was a generalized opinion thread of what we would do, if speaking in a public place, such as this website. like in our diaries and things. so i just commented what i do. i use one of them's real first name.

they are not identefiable because i am not identefiable. but specefically for the op the legal aspect would seem to be removed if they are electing of using fictional names with the identefying informations (brother/father what not) removed any how.

as long as they are not within a situetion like sideways.
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I am baffled as to how I can disguise the different members of my family that raped me since a handful of them are still alive. I have a blog here snd a fiend of mine read it and he said he found it hard to follow bc I was using peoples initials. Any advice?
Rename them with an *asterisk* before and after the name. But know that people that know you and/or your family may figure it out. Also the person will figure that out too.


I have checked relevant jurisdictions and I can talk about my sexual assaults- and have publically. Here I do use codes - even for my pets’ names.

I think so long as a code is clear to me in a trauma diary it doesn’t matter if other people can follow? I guess it depends on why you are writing a trauma diary?

I think an important part of the process for me is knieibv nobody else has to know or accept my trauma for it to be valid. Certainly no one is entitled to details to convince them as to my experiences or validate my diagnosis. I know, my therapist knows and my diagnostician knows ( some of it). My trauma diary is for me to improve and chart my own health, to hold myself accountable to ME.

tbh - I’d not even particularly encourage my real life friends and family reading it because sometimes I need to process current stuff in their and I don’t want them to alter their way of being to cater for me - i would feel it was exertion of a type of control? Does that make sense?