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How Do I Do It? Returning to Place of Trauma

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Pull out everything you can... think about what it is that is making you ill, what emotions are causing the anxiety, etc etc, and try and kick it back inline real quick.

You hang in there... your doing really well, considering what you just put yourself through again.

Anthony is right, I agree 'never be without a dog'. People underestimate the beautiful creatures that they are AND they love you and love you some more. I am sorry you are having such a hard time of it. I can't offer much help on the PTSD front but I consider that you are one tough cookie to put yourself back in the environment. Hopefully, as you get stronger, the impact that your brother can have will be so much less. See what happens then, when the power shifts. I am not so certain that he will be the cocky, bully that you have described then..........I think you will find the opposite. Hang in there, I hope you feel better soon.
Thanks for your support guys - it means a lot. Saw the GP. He's written me another sick note for 2 weeks, but put on it that I can work part-time. He thinks it's a good idea to go see the private doc if I can afford it.

Saw one of my work colleagues today. Apparently my lessons for Monday are already covered, so maybe the start back won't be as bad as I fear. You can probably tell, I'm feeling a little more positive right now. Must be the lettuce I ate at lunchtime (or the chocolate I ate just after.....).
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