How do I not get panic attacks when stoned?


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I've been smoking pot on a regular basis (ranging from every day to every week) since March 2023 and now every time I get stoned I start panicking that I am dying. I feel a sense of impending doom, I become more paranoid, and I find it harder to breathe. I still smoke anyway because I love the feeling of being stoned, just without the anxiety. How do I not get anxious whenever stoned?
you don't say what country/state you are in, but the strain you are smoking could make a whole heap of diff. in my own state, i'd ask the folks in my vape shop. personally, i keep a variety on hand to manage different emotional states.
Best advice - avoid the really high THC stuff. 10-20% is plenty and reduces the problems you are having. Find 4-5 strains you like and never use any one more than a week. Track usage so it doesn't creep up over time.

I found a few strains in the 12-15% range that got me just as altered as other stuff at way higher THC levels with way less paranoia etc.

Becoming tolerant and increasing usage is responsible for most of the problems people have, and if it helps - then you don't want to add to your problems by ending up where it doesn't help any more or adding to your problems with abuse.

Also suggested? CBD oil and possibly CBN, CBG. They don't work or work the same for everyone but can help with daily symptoms without the impairment THC brings.
Assuming you aren't just a troll, which I suspect you are ...

In your other thread you didn't want to seek medical help because you were afraid of your parents punishing you, which leads me to believe that you are still a teenager.

If this is true - if you are under the age of 25 or so - stop smoking pot now. There's a whole lot of pretty good evidence that puts cannabis in the danger zone for people whose brains are still developing. For example, chronic depression has been seen as a result of smoking weed at this time of life.

It'd be a whole lot better to tell your parents about the things that make you so desperate for weed that you smoke joints you find on the floor. Hopefully they'll assist you in finding help for these kinds of underlying problems.
There's no way around it, you need to stop using cannabis. I have schizoid and PTSD, and for some reason cannabis causes me to have a complete and utter meltdown. I end up hospitalized every single time.

Some people (particularly schizo-spectrum folkies like moi) can't deal with weed. If you're having anxiety that is unbearable, that is the problem to address. I understand the kind of desperation you're talking about. I know what it's like to need relief so bad that you'll do literally anything.

Unfortunately cannabis isn't that thing, for you. You need to find another solution. My tip is to check out the drug Auvelity. If you're like me, with unrelenting anxiety, it might help and it's a hell of a lot better than a benzo.