How do you feel after a therapy session?


Better? Worse? Both? The same as before? Dysregulated? Connected? Relieved?
Also, if you feel bad after, what helps you re-regulate?

I'm all over the map and curious what is typical for others.
In terms of re-regulating, usually it helps me to distract myself with normal life things, sometimes that doesn't work. I laid around all day yesterday and feel myself wanting to do that some more today; however, I probably should go do something.

Warrior Chicken

Relate with so many of you on this topic. Great thread, thanks for starting it!

Often feels like my entire energy stores have been drained without my noticing, body is sore from being tense, eyes are gritty as though I’ve been up for days. Takes focus to drive home like that.

Other days, I’m spun tighter than the coil spring in a monster truck. Those days it takes focus to drive within legal limits cuz I!

On occasion, I’m tremendously grateful to have a place and a person I can take my mask off with. Someone who understands and gives time and space for me to drop my guard. Those times, I’ve usually processed something tangible. It’s what makes therapy worthwhile for me. Even if it’s few and far between.

Realizing with this thread that I’m not so unusual. Thanks everyone for sharing your experiences.


This is so helpful. Thank you everyone.

I felt good after my therapy session today. I never know what to expect, but I definitely wasn’t expecting that. I think it was because we ended on a topic that brought out (and really engaged) my normal adult self. It’s a relief when this happens. Wish it happened more often, but nonetheless very grateful that it does happen. Gives me something to remember during the harder moments.


Depends whether we add reprocessing or not. Not that it's different - just the intensity is different.

Reprocessing added - the homing instinct takes over. Just get to where I'm safe and low stress as I can. The "hangover" seems to get more intense the more work we do.

Talk - Better BUT usually talk is because of reprocessing going on. So it's sort of limited in a way by anxiety and stress. Usually walk out having learned something about things I struggle with but still, it's adding stress on top of reprocessing so....liberating, but still adds to the baseline anxiety. So really I guess feeling good or bad after is relative, it's "what lies beneath" that takes a little while to manifest after therapy and that takes a day or two to fully manifest and can be easy or difficult.

I'm still doing reprocessing from a task we added a couple months ago and I can be anywhere from "Good day today" to "F$#^ I hate feeling like this" like today. Partly because it affects my Addisons (chronic adrenal insufficiency) and that affects my energy level as well as it ties in with a bunch of PTSD symptoms. (excepting a couple things the physical symptoms match 12 of 14 of the common symptoms AND on bad days increased stress and blood pressure cover one other one) Days like today? Find movies to watch....with the lights down low, and just stay away because no matter what, I'm irritable as hell, all the energy of a sloth on benzo's.
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