How do you ground yourself?


How I ground myself:

-shower if I concentrate (using only clear shower liner helps, I can see the room)
-the bilateral stomping of my feet
-the 5-4-3-2-1 Grounding Technique
  • 5 things I can see
  • 4 things I can feel (with hands, body, temperature, texture)
  • 3 things I can hear
  • 2 things I can smell
  • 1 thing I can taste
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ms spock

Refuting my distorted thinking.
Looking at Maslow's hierarchy of needs.
Being angry is letting me be more here as well.

ms spock

Getting up and exercising immediately.
Having love and affection.
Choosing to be more present.
Turning up in my life.
Being socially connected.
Being grateful for what I do have in my life.


music with bilateral stimulation and imagining how i separate my thoughts from my brain (i imagine it vividly) and they are as pieces of paper lying under me and im just looking at them and decide to pick up one and follow it(but usually there are only bad thuoghts so i imagine how i create a new one and follow it


Food - particularly root vegetables
Walking meditation, ideally in a park barefoot, back and forth along two meters
Being in natural surroundings (walking in the woods)
Qi Gong
Bathing inn Epson Salts
Pranayama (nadishodna - nostril breathing)
doing something that require co ordination


I suck on a lot of ice, take a very cold shower, chug down a bottle of very cold water, and tell myself that I'm safe, it's not happening, etc. Not that this always works. Stimulating the brain in those ways seems to almost always snap me out of it a little. But fully, not really all that much. Sometimes.


I try to remember my purpose(s) in life. I work to do things toward those. My 2 purposes in life are "to help people" and "to be an artist." If I am doing anything to further either one of those goals, then I am happy, feeling content and less likely to dissociate or not feel like myself. As long as I can be focusing on something deeply, I stay in the present moment.

Other things I find that are helpful are writing in my diary or journal, (I have both, the diary is here on this site and the journal is something I write in by hand). This way if I don't have my computer on, I can write my feelings and thoughts out without waiting for my computer to start up and get running.

Getting Trauma Therapy has really helped also. (I am still getting more of it sometime soon; so far the last few sessions have been my yearly update and a "How are you doing now?" session.

Light also helps me. Having all the lights on, that helps too.