How do you stop being so hard on youself?


Things I am currently working on are:

Mindfulness - 8 week course in MBSR ongoing practice since 2013
Self Compassion - without self compassion I would not have gotten through the last two weeks. I would have bombed out and left. (Kristin Neff)
Exercise - impaired by injury
Busting Distorted Cognitions - "Feeling Good" by David Burns - I have done a lot of work on these.
Being honest - was very scary and not allowed in my family of origin
I am putting myself out there in the world - doing a teaching prac at the moment.
Studying at university
Trying to find my way back to myself - trying to find how I am - who I am.
Willing to learn not to be so hard on myself - not sure how to do this yet.
Worked on Dissociation ALOT!
Some DBT - still going to teach myself that - working on Radical Acceptance daily.
that is awesome! It took you for an 8 week course to do that, and to be able to have the compassion that you have is truly remarkable. awesome


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How Do You Stop Being So Hard On Youself?

How did you get over the thoughts that nothing that you do will be good enough, ever? I really need to get on top of this.

I am told by many, many people that I am way too hard on myself. I am not really sure what they mean but I can see that I do have a problem with being way too hard on myself. Mostly because lots of people tell me this is so. I am willing to actually work on this because I think, on some level, it is a big block for me.

I am trying to address my anxiety and I think some of that keeps going because of my propensity to be so hard on myself, and when one problem is solved I just switch to another problem to focus on.

I have got "The Mindful Way Through Anxiety" and I am starting to listen to this audiobook.

How did you identify that you are being hard on yourself?

How do you break it down?

How did you learn to trust your own perceptions?

How did you learn that you are not bad all the time?

How did you reteach yourself that you are not wrong at your very core?

How did you get over the thoughts that nothing that you do will be good enough, ever?

Have you read the book titled CPTSD From surviving to thriving.
There is a lot of information in this book relating to the inner critic, and how to change your thought patterns. Also a whole wealth of knowledge pertaining to other issues as well.