How do your memory issues play out?

@Ecdysis our experiences sound particularly similar... can I ask, when you went to the neurologist, how much did you explain about your dissociative disorder? Did you even mention it?
I just said that I have PTSD and am currently experiencing pretty bad depression and that my memory loss and concentration issues are really, really bad and that I want to rule out whether it may be early onset dementia or any other neurological issue.

The neurologist I saw was pretty dismissive and just said "It's the depression."

That was 2 years ago.

I had the brain scan after that through my GP because he was worried too and because the neurologist being so dismissive was not very reassuring... sigh.

In the two years since, I've not developed any further signs that it could be early onset dementia.

So I guess it really is depression + PTSD + multitasking + peri-menopause.

It is very unsettling if you exeprience it this strongly for the first time in your life. I felt like I didn't even recognise myself anymore.
My memory of parts of my childhood, like so many here, isn't very good and never has been.

My everyday memory has been getting worse over the past few years - specifically last 3 years. Even more specifically last few months. I'm in my early 40s.

When I say memory I'm talking about my ability to remember everyday things. Every day, I have no idea where I've parked the car. Even though I parked it either earlier in the day or within 24 hours. I know this happens to alot of people but for me it's EVERYDAY. Even when it's infront of the house. Sometimes when I locate it I can't even remember that I'd parked it at that location. My work is becoming increasingly difficult to manage. I can't handle all the memory requirements and so the level of my work is getting worse. I walk into a room and may not remember why I entered. People talk to me about things we talked about or even did in the last few months and sometimes I can't remember. I used to be able to hold and work with so much information - juggle so much. I now have lost the ability to do that because of my memory/ cognitive difficulties. Things just fade away in my mind... Like sand through fingers. Info dissolves.

I'm going their early menopause (in the peri stage) and my brain fog is through the roof.

But my question to myself is: could all the memory and cognitive issues be from trauma? Could they be down to a DDNOS diagnosis? Could it be purely peri-menopause? Is it early dementia or something similar? And what the hell can I do to improve it - I'm scared.

My question to others: does anyone relate? What is your experience of and understanding of your own memory issues?

Thanks 😊
I go thru this too. I have so much "bad" from my childhood, that it is hard to even know where to start. My memory has been terrible for as long as I can remember. I am only now starting to know what happened back then. I still don't feel much of the emotions, but I can tell you the story. I always have to remind myself that my mind/emotions will only remember what I can handle at the time. I'm over 60 now and am still waiting for most of the emotions and mourning to come.

As to the memory loss of everyday stuff, I can really relate. I have forgotten where I parked and what door I went into at the store. It has been hard, but I have a list of things that work for me. Example: I always park in the same row when I go to the store. I put things where I want them, not where they might belong. This way life is arranged in the way that is easier for me to remember- no matter how bad my memory gets. I know that it is odd for other people, but if it keeps me feeling better about myself - then it is worth it. Even my office is done in a way that works for me.

--if you feel bad about forgetting, find a way that works for you. Don't worry if it is odd. As long as it works for you. Feeling better about yourself and more in control of your life-and belongings - can help a lot.
I park in those multi-story car parks in the city a lot... And everytime, before I leave the car to go to my appointment, I take a photo of it with my phone, where the number of the car space is visible in the photo, so I know what story and what space I can find my car at.

Maybe that's something you can do each time you park it @beaneeboo ? Just take a photo of it, with enough info/ details visible in the background so you can tell where it is?
I take a photo of it with my phone,
Yup use the tools you have phones are great for reminders and calendars and photos and all that stuff where you don't have to remember - especially when you are going to stressful appointments etc.

There are also "find my way back" GPS apps where you can leave a virtual crumb trail back to wherever too.