I Need Help Finding My Voice


I've learned over the past 3 years that I need to know what my boundaries are before I start any kind of confrontation or discussion where I've let things go. More often than not, I've not got clear boundaries, the conversation will go South really quickly. Consider your boundaries when it comes to money......do you expect timely payment and make it clear? What are your everyday $ boundaries. I allowed family to maneuver $ boundaries, because mine were really......negotiable....but in the end I got used. So consider what boundaries you'd put in place for everyone you had $ dealings with.... just my 2 cents....


I am slowly learning to speak my truth to people regardless of fears and worries. It is a little nerve-racking sometimes but I need to open my mouth and assert my boundaries and continue to speak my truth. Knowing what my boundaries are and learning to express them is new to me. I could use some support in that area.