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Is this dissociation?

I do that too :D

On another hand, by this time don't give many damns for it, and treat it as momentary lags, and reasons day planners and mementos and notes to xth degree exist.

More bothered if I wind up forgetting people, than tasks... as long as I remember people, I can usually track back the tasks as things involving people or for them.


No need to reply. Just soak up what you need and leave the rest. Supporting you and hearing you. Take your time T. Things are very hard right now. None of us knows what to expect from moment to moment. You are doing great. On your side!! Love and heart hugs.
I forget that I dissociate, then I dissociate to forget I did it in the first place. Sometimes I just want to pull my brain out of my skull, knock it in the counter a couple times and tell "wake up and knock this crap off!"


I do not know if this is dissociation or not too but I do play certain sports and every year it is like the first time. There is a joke running in my household but the serious side of it is that I think long term dissociation affected my learning and memory so that is why I am like groundhog day on certain very technical things.
I hope this helps but as others said already, the fact you are pinpointing this level is really good and shows great awareness and hope you find its meaning for you.
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