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Is Your PTSD Keeping You Up At Night?

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My frustration was not about following or not following the rules. I know how important rules are to have on a site like this one. It was the fact that I was not personally warned against not capitalizing my posts. I admit that I missed that part of the rules of the board when I joined and I obviously didn't see the "general post". I do not read every single post on here, so a general post telling people about the policy may not reach every member. I took exception to the fact I was locked, not warned. That was all. Since the moderator changed my previous posts to make them capitalized, I was posting new threads, unaware that I was doing anything wrong. I think many of you missed that point I was trying to make. I apologize to anyone I offended, but I usually only read the posts that either help me or the ones in which I may be able to help someone else. If someone had told me that I was doing something wrong when I first posted, I wouldn't have posted so many times in the incorrect format. It's like a punishment for a mistake that so many people make. It doesn't take much more time to say "please use capitals" in a reply than it does to place a lock on my thread. I just feel like a "friendly warning" would have been the better way to go about it. I understand that, since so many people have made the same mistake, a general post for all to read seems like the way to go. But, like I said, not everyone reads, or even has the time to read, every post on here.

I hear what you're saying. However, the post in General was a STICKY, so that all members would see the post when entering that section of the forum.

Sometimes we DO a friendly reminder to individuals, however, we are in a stage in the forum where there has been an influx of new members not reading the editorial policy and following the rules. When this happens, we have to take measures, sometimes very blunt, in order to get the forum moving smoothly again.

Don't take it so personally. Like others have said, other members have been banned, or their posts simply removed. I locked your thread and gave you the opportunity to post it again. I also am using these locked threads as an example so that other members see what the results will be when the rules are not followed.

A simple solution because I bet you won't forget to capitalize your posts again. This is not an attack against you, it is simply measures that the forum has to take in order to run smoothly.

Also, I hope we can now move past this discussion and start dealing with the PTSD stuff that you came here for in the first place.
btmsearINH, I am locking this thread until Anthony logs on and makes a decision about what is going on here.

Bottom line is you are now being argumentative rather than accepting the forum rules, learning from your mistake and moving on. If you hadn't noticed you are the only one creating a song and dance about following the rules. Most others can comply as should you if you wish to remain here.

Challenging Rachel is not going to change anything as she is following the rules she has been given to follow.

Enough! Let it go or go and cause conflict somewhere else please.
Above you can now see the notice that ALL members view when logging in or onto the board daily. It is shown atleast once daily, regardless whether your system remembers your username and password for you or not... I have now changed it from showing daily to every member to persistent. This way no member can attempt to be ignorant to the fact of policy. If any member chooses to be ignorant and try and hide behind any bullshit excuses, they will be removed. Comply with the editorial policy which was designed by members of this forum, not the editors, but members. It is a common set of rules and principles in which the majority decided is fair and equitable.

The links are now persistent to all members instead of shown daily. No more ignorance!

I will leave this thread closed as it has gone completely off topic now. Please feel free to start another topic without the ignorance of editorial policy.
Not open for further replies.