Last movie or tv series you watched?

Tornadic Thoughts

I've been watching episodes of It's Me or the Dog on discovery+. She uses the same training techniques that the folks use where I volunteer, so it helps me keep it fresh in my head. I remain amazed at how well it works and remain grateful for the chance to soak up so much puppy love each week.

Loved The Secret Life of Bees, @ladee ! I need to look that up and watch it again. Also loved the Anne with an E series, @LuckiLee ! Would love it if they kept making more and more episodes. 🙂 What a sweet memory of time spent with your grandma. 💛


"The Curse of La Llorona" 'cause I am a sucker for thriller/horror films, (esp psychological thrillers). You would think that with anxiety out the wazoo I would not like thrillers or suspense movies, but it's just the opposite, I love 'em!