Last movie or tv series you watched?

Tornadic Thoughts

Been checking out more of Dr. Joe Dispenza's stuff on Gaia TV. One of those kinds of people, and various subjexts, that totally fascinate me and instantly "click". Had already listened to many of his you tube vids and checked out the books in our local library. Just so happened to connect with someone local who trained with him and Bruce Lipton fairly recently. Looking forward to more in depth discussions with her in the near future.


Lots of US election coverage. I've never done hat before. Mostly watched BBC coverage for the first day, then mostly CNN as that's what's available to me.

Allie D.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer interspersed with its spinoff, Angel.
Straightforward, quarantine binging stuff I missed the first time around.
(Did anyone know that the guy who plays Spike ISN'T BRITISH? His accent is fantastic! Well I'm just an American so what do I know. But he reminds me of David Tennant's version of Doctor Who.)