Last movie or tv series you watched?

Has anyone else here watched Stranger Things? As a person from the 1980s whose family is from a couple of medium-sized towns in Indiana, I LOVE dissecting all the anachronisms in that show.

It's absolutely great, though. I've seen season 1 & 2 and am a couple of episodes into season 3.

Tornadic Thoughts

Ooooo...the African dancing has always intrigued me, @Teasel . I was introduced to it when I attended a rhythm renewal weekend workshop that also did various types of drumming and such. Good stuff! And quite a workout!

Started watching the Queen's Gambit on netflix and a free 4 part workshop series by Dr. Joe Dispenza via Hay House.

In between those two, I've been checking out all the info I can find on emotional projectors within the human design system. Endlessly fascinated.

Tornadic Thoughts

This link explains of the different types - however, there are many intricate details that I'm still clueless about - but I remain fascinated, interested, and continually feel it's somehow necessary to learn more - so I

This link is where I got my free chart and initially learned of what human design is (they have many things for sale there, but I've never made a purchase in regards to trying to innerstand it - so may free resources available) - as well as having a friend who had already learned of hers several years ago discussing it in depth with me:

This is a free resource library for digging even deeper: