Last movie or tv series you watched?


Woohoo! ‘Leverage’ is coming back... with Noah Wylie!!! :}~ Aaaaand Aldis Hodge, Beth Reisgraf, Christian Kane, & others... so. Incredibly. Stoked.

I’ve been eyeballs deep in heist films/TV past few days, so that little bit of old-news finally hit my radar. Filming already underway in NOLA. Lovely.

Tornadic Thoughts

It took a bit for me to digest and better innerstand it, @Teasel - and I'm still learning. Like so many other things, parts of it instantly "click" and fit, while other parts of it make me wonder what in the hell is that? lol Such is life and discovery, it seems.

Been too windy to venture outdoors too much lately, so I've been watching more you tube videos related to human design, gene keys, solar flares, seismic activity, projected SHTF stuff all across the board in very small doses, along with several things peppered in that eerily remind me that some so-called conspiracy theories more often than not end up being more like coincidence theories, instead. lol You really can't make this shit up, but so often it surely seems as if it has been. Well played to the playas.


"Last Trip"
A spooky Uber driver movie.

Last TV series (years ago) "The Walking Dead"
(I'm several seasons behind since I had service turned off)


Strictly come dancing ❤

Also watched a couple Alex Gibney documentaries. Agents of chaos & Crazy not insane.

I have a really hard time remembering what I've watched recently. I think my memory is shot.