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Last movie or tv series you watched?

Been watching old school game shows on you tube - stuff like the Love Connection, Name That Tune, and The Newlywed Game. Mom told me I was named after two ladies whose names she really liked and they sounded good together from The Newlywed Game, so that one holds a special place in my heart. However, in watching the reruns from the year I was born, I haven't run across those two ladies, yet. lol
Athlete A on Netflix, a so-so documentary about USA Gymnastics and the Larry Nassar SA scandal. Feels thrown together quickly, but if you're interested in the topic it's worth it.
Really difficult to watch as a former gymnast - it is horrifying but somehow fascinating to me.
I might write more about this elsewhere: I've watched it 4 times through - and once is really enough.
The Dark Materials, (AWESOME English fantasy series , based on the book by the same name)
The Gift (AWESOME Turkish fantasy series )
I might try the gift .
I want to love Philip Pullman books but I find the deconstructive snide takes away my pleasure from everything so very wonderful in them. I ‘m thinking for that reason I might prefer the miniseries ! 😂
Doom Patrol, Season 1, Episode 9: Jane Patrol
I watched this with my sister, and had to work overtime to stop myself constantly yelling out, "OMG! That's exactly what having DID is like!" (which is something I've said about the media's portrayal of DID like, never ever).
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