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Last movie or tv series you watched?

I just watched Stana Katic in Absentia, which is an Amazon original. She stared in it and was executive producer. I liked it, but it was a video game really. She was a tomb raider type character, and she shot punched kicked stabbed tortured and jiu jitsu her way through an army. All like 125 lbs of her lol. I watched all 10 episodes and I only fast forward a few times. But saying I watched the whole thing is a big endorsement these days. 4 stars out of 5. Just because I got through it.
I got hooked on Black Lightning on netflix, after all. I still can't believe they wrote it to where no one recognized him in his "costume", though.

It isn't like it concealed his face, other than around his eyes. A pretty recognizable dude, in my eyes, by many features.

But anyway, it's been keeping me entertained well enough in between herb mentoring videos and intermittent episodes of the Alone series.
In preparation for my hospital admission (!?!), Escape From Alcatraz. Clint Eastwood version.

Definitely a classic. And definitely, when I start welding spoons together in my room to escape hospital, then I know things are bad.

Note to Self: you are going to be discharged. You do not need to make a life raft out of raincoats in order to escape. Leave that to Eastwood;)
Just finished the season 2 finale of The Umbrella Academy tonight... Now I plan to read the article "9 Questions You'll Have After Season 2" on Vulture. I liked both seasons (with a dip at the beginning of season 2) but we had at least that many questions and theories at my house :D
Due to the whole stuck at home thing, ran out of the usual stuff.

Watching Supernatural, and making lots of jokes about to mock the silly sound effects. It's what you do when you run out of quality entertainment. Whatever works.
In preparation for my hospital admission (!?!), Escape From Alcatraz. Clint Eastwood version.
The Great Escape :inlove: Steve McQueen
Prison Break has some absolutely lovely eye-candy

J's in to zombie movies so we started The Walking Dead from the beginning last night.
Looooove. That. Show. That it makes me feel normal is a little alarming, but shrug. TWD & World War Z are In my top10 :D Z Nation is absolutely hilarious for the first season or 2 (puppies&kittens!) then goes all camp & also loses half the cast as they peace the f*ck out of the new plot direction/studio buyout/new writers. :wtf: But I love love love the start of it. Hilfreakiglarious.
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