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Last movie or tv series you watched?

Leverage :happy: :hilarious:

I'm playing a lotta games on me with it. Now I got through the Don't watch Parker... c'mon, actually watch Parker :facepalm: trauma dilemma.

And I have X-Files a few eps to find, just because it might help me remember the f*ck I remembered when I first saw those that triggered me into decades long avoid of that show.
I'm also watching Tin Star (SBS on Demand)

A series that started out agreeably easy to understand but now it's turned into some sort of spin off Bonnie and Clyde, Breaking Bad & Rambo morpho... combo... I mean when the directors expect one to believe that throwing back a couple of shots of Jack can turn, as it turns out, the character Jack, into a murderous, vengeful monster who has for about 15 episodes killed and maimed a lot of the population in this small fictional Canadian outpost.... well... sigh... idk...

But until I get hooked onto another series it will do for now...
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