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Last movie or tv series you watched?

Black Lightning - meh - not really what I expected, but it's keeping me entertained. I remember, and liked, the main character from the Hart of Dixie show. I need to get back to my online herbal course videos instead, but the attention span isn't engaged well enough to go there.
I just watched Stana Katie in Absentia which is an Amazon original. She stared in it and was executive producer.

It was dark, and much more like a video game than a show. She is hot, I can’t be the only one who thinks so, so it was fun to watch. One season. Ten episodes. I didn’t look to see if there’s gonna be another season. Wasn’t that good but I got all the way through it and only fast forward occasionally.

She shot, kicked, punched and jiu jitsu her way through an army, way more than 9 lives, and she can really take a lickin which is a way of saying her character has super powers and it was completely unreal. LIKE
J's in to zombie movies so we started The Walking Dead from the beginning last night. We're waiting for new episodes of Fear:The Walking Dead.

We watched my favorite Hitchcock movie The Rope, the other night. Jimmy Stewart is one of my favorite actors too. Great flick!
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