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Looking for advice - thoughts on a trauma therapist I’ve been working with for 5 months


New Here
Hello! New here. Nice to find you! I’ve read quite a few posts about concerns/ques about counselors. I’m looking for some thoughts on a trauma therapist I’ve been working with for 5 months. This person has asked me more than a few times if I am on medication. (Yes. For over 20 years.) I’ve mentioned my deceased spouse by name and was asked who that is. More than a few times. I have a long history of unresolved trauma. This Dr (a psychologist) seems to have forgotten most of it. I’ll mention something about an incident & receive a blank look. I do the work she gives me, but there’s little follow through. I felt like I’m not seen. (Hello. Stuck point.)
The Dr has asked me to decide if “the issues” I’m currently having (unexpected family situations) are related to trauma or depression (which I’ve had all my adult life). Dr does not do general therapy. The Dr is part of a well respected trauma program. I waited many months to get into this program.
I wonder if my expectations are unreasonable, but I don’t feel a connection with this Dr. Is it possible people that work solely in the trauma field are usually not the warm type? I’m feeling pretty crazy right now. Thanks in advance for any thoughts or insights!
Can you get a referral to try one of the other doctors that are part of the program?
I’m pretty sure I can get a referral. Not sure how the program works with switching to another Dr there. But I can (and will) ask. Thank you!

Ask to switch. Say it doesn’t feel like a good fit.
I think that’s a fair thing to ask. I hope I’m not asked to explain why it doesn’t feel like a good fit. I’ll only know if I do this, though. Thank you!