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"make The Choice To Move Past It"

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I'm not sure she was trivializing anything. I don't know that she was suggesting getting past stuff is...
That was not quite what happened there. First, there was no indication that he had PTSD. Second, it looked like his decision to move on. Third, she did talk to him about processing the memories, grieving, etc. she never said he had to just move on. Finally, he did go to therapy, which he did not find useful for him. An advice to make a decision to get over it does not mean to disregard the problems and force yourself to pretend you are okay. To me, it would mean to do everything possible to deal with the problem and return to a normal life, and i do see that many petsons with mental problems refuse to deal with them, for example, reject medications and therapy and choose to not return to life.
I'm currently pondering how talking about the past traumas will enable me to move on. Mind you, there's ze...
It makes you feel non-emotional about your past experiences. Anything you repeat many times and live through many times loses its emotional impact. This is why it is helpful to dwell on traumatic experiences despite the difficulties.
I don't know how anyone can assume he's moved passed his trauma just because he came on the show and talked about it. He's 19 years old. He may be successful professionally but unable to ever have a relationship. He may struggle with a career or money management etc, things that are hard to predict at this point. He may or may not have Ptsd but either way it doesn't mean he's overcome it. I know 2 men with very similar abusive childhoods, one diagnosed with Ptsd, the other not. Both had very successful jobs. The one with Ptsd never broke the law or became addicted to drugs, the other did, but straightened out when he had his own children. Neither have done well in romantic relationships. I guess my question is, what does it mean to overcome it? What is success? Is not getting Ptsd what makes you successfully overcoming it? Is it up to Oprah to define that choice? Who chooses to be defined by their history, we ARE defined by our history. We can make some choices based on that, most certainly, but mostly it has to do with effect it's had and your brain and luck. Pretty much everything in life has to do with luck.
Well, Oprah has enough money to indulge all the denial she has in her life. We are not like that. I hate...

Just brilliant Ladlee I have really got a lot of comfort in some of your quotes and u have helped me some what in trying to rethink my outcomes rather then jumping to conclusions and yes u r right this is not an easy task its called dealing and trying to heal.
...It's like a tv show, we all have to get better by the end of the episode?
Just being cynical and snarly today.

...I WANT to be all fixed and and I will never be all fixed, I will not run out of damage to fix, I will never get rid of my concrete shoes and for that I am told I am being a special snowflake and I need to suck it up by people who couldn't walk a block in my shoes without falling over and I DO suck it up and AGGGHHHH...:banghead::arghh;:mad:

I'm tired of being me. Can I be someone else now?
I hate that. Sometimes we cannot get into choice mode, if we don't have support. I did get hurt and was not able to go to a dr because of the other PTSD issues (I cannot be touched). I worked with a therapist for a year. I MADE the choice to get help but then I had an accident and everything went to crap.

Then the medical problems before the accident were "on hold" but I got sicker and I could not get help for the other hurt parts, well, I sort of did.

So the PTSD was all in the back burner but none of it went away.

In the end the first set of health problems turned out to be serious, the accident problems turned into a terrible issue (with or without care) and the PTSD remained where it was.

I feel kicked and beat up and thrown out and have no idea where to turn because now it's all at that point. Choice? Haha.
I get why the idea stings. Don't tell me to move on when I've been trying for 17 years and it keeps coming up again.

That said, I find most people, including Oprah, when they talk even about others are really only talking about themselves.

What Oprah is really saying is that she made a choice to move on and not let it effect her anymore. Perhaps that worked for her and she wants to share that with others who suffer.

Just because both Oprah and her guest have experienced trauma, it's pure conjecture weather either or both has or had PTSD.
I was watching an Oprah show about this kid who was locked in a closet and starved, neglected, and abused f...
I like what you had to say. You have done your work. Unfortunately, people still stigmatize others who they do not understand. We are not freaks. We are survivors and far beyond the normal folks who think they have done all their work. What work? If one does not experience, one is clueless.
It is a choice to get better and to keep moving forward or not. Whether you like Oprah or what she and her guests have to say, that's up to you, but psychologists would actually agree with the guy who said that on her show.

Does that mean push away negativity or not say you aren't having a hard time? Of course not. But instead of staying in bed for 5 days, choose instead of get dressed, put some lipstick on, and go out for lunch.
I get why the idea stings. Don't tell me to move on when I've been trying for 17 years and it keeps com...

She was raped; it's highly safe to say that she has some sort of mental illness, including PTSD, because of it.
It is a choice to get better and to keep moving forward or not. Whether you like Oprah or what sh...

I think the point of this thread is that for those of us who are highly symptomatic, we ---cannot--- put lipstick on and go out to lunch easy peasy.

I have times where I cannot get out of bed, cannot manage even the basics of self care.

I'm not going into what those symptoms are as I'm just coming out of it and don't want to regress.

I think it's important to remember that we are all at different points in healing with different symptom severity levels that impact our lives in a myriad of ways.
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