medical marijuana?

Tomorrow is my first appointment with a psychiatrist in Illinois where weed has become completely legal and I was wondering if I should bring up getting a medical card? My therapist has recommended it along with my other medications and I was wondering if anyone else has one and if it helps? Any information would be awesome! Thank you in advance!! Have a great day!


I just wanted to mention that I agree with what @somerandomguy has said. There is a lot of fine-tuning involved in finding the right strain, dosage, and delivery system.

I am not supposed to know this but I personally respond well to a strain called, "golden goat". It lifts my mood, I am more upbeat and relaxed, get the giggles with it, and found that it slows my thoughts so that I can choose more carefully.
CBD can have some nice mood effects as well. There is a high CBD strain called Cannatonic here in Canada that really lifts my mood and feeling of well being.

Like @NoWhereKnowWhere is doing, microdosing is also a great way to go. Small doses in balance (same THC and CBD) can help mood and get you more functional. In balance CBD mitigates a lot of the psychoactive effects of THC and can make you more functional.

My big thing is staying as functional as I can and I have settled into a three prong approach. 1ml 20:0 (20mg CBD : 0mg THC) CBD oil when I get up and every 8 hours after that. 2 sprays THC oil after dinner, then flower/hashish as needed usually 2 to 3 inhilations at a time. For me it's like drinking at a party. I can get a nice buzz or get totally smashed, whatever works that day.

One thing no one has mentioned is when things go wrong. Paranoia and PTSD don't go well together. Have a list of paranoia mitigation strategies handy and be aware it can happen with products you have used before without a problem. Its a good reason to start with flower and vaping/smoking because the effects don't last as long as oil until you settle into a regime.


Its a good reason to start with flower and vaping/smoking because the effects don't last as long as oil until you settle into a regime.
Also important to generally stay on the lower end of the preferred dosage, for the same reason. There are some longitudinal studies showing potential tolerance issues with long-term use for psychiatric purposes. (Might be the same with people who use it for pain, I've just not gotten that far in my reading).


Also important to generally stay on the lower end of the preferred dosage, for the same reason.
That should be a manta for all medications.....the least not the most.

Just be transparent on this the THC was first used because of my headaches, which turned out not to be headaches but recalled pain. Now its for sleep, or at least trying to sleep....
he problems with long term use are usually that dosages creep up over time and as is known, tolerance to a particular strain starts in about 10 days.

I use both a journal to record strains, effects, and duration, and an app called Strainprint to track every time I use cannabis. It tracks up to three symptoms you are treating, for instance anxiety, visual sensitivity, and intrusive thoughts, and assign each a before value and 20 minutes later after value. Over time it assigns an efficacy database for you. It will give you an efficacy value for each product and symptom. You also track how much you used by weight or puffs. I am diligent in recording use.

I know my T asks about it every session. She was very impressed with my level of tracking. I really think my behaviour there is due to previous opioid addictions. The last time I was addicted was truly hell on earth, the effects reversed ie: rather than make you dopey and tired it was like drinking a 6 pack of Red Bull. I don't ever ever ever want to go back there. It was truly hell. For the rest of my life I am three doses away from addiction again.

The only time my usage went up significantly was two years ago. I got really stressed at work and the nightmare came back really, really bad, like average less than 4 hours a night hours sleep a night bad. That and I had horrifying headaches for weeks at a time. At that point I had a huge swing in my thyroid levels as well and I thought it was all from that but hey guess what, its was a ticking 45 year old time bomb.....


I just got an mail from one of my medical suppliers to a radio/youtube series called Aging Better with Cannabis hosted by Gord Martineau. There are two episodes available now an two more to come. I found them very interesting and informative.
Canadian research over the last few years since legalization has been free and unencumbered and because they are not forced to use 20 year old G13 cannabis like a recent study published in the NEJM they are gaining real insight into how cannabis works.