medical marijuana?


Tomorrow is my first appointment with a psychiatrist in Illinois where weed has become completely legal and I was wondering if I should bring up getting a medical card? My therapist has recommended it along with my other medications and I was wondering if anyone else has one and if it helps? Any information would be awesome! Thank you in advance!! Have a great day!


Good points @Freddyt . 👍

In the years I used mmj I used those strategies though I never took a real tolerance break. I'm still not using but am tempted to use something at night because I'm having trouble with sleep. RSO works really well and lasts a long time in the system. Maybe I will grab a couple joints to see if it helps with getting to sleep.

Thanks for the tips F!
One other thing you could try is CBN. It is said to promote relaxation and sleep. I haven't tried it as yet.

What I am using now is vape cartridges, very high THC content but it is full spectrum extract and I am probably at the lowest usage level in a while. 2-3 puffs and I'm usually good.


I just got an mail from one of my medical suppliers to a radio/youtube series called Aging Better with Cannabis hosted by Gord Martineau. There are two episodes available now an two more to come. I found them very interesting and informative.
Canadian research over the last few years since legalization has been free and unencumbered and because they are not forced to use 20 year old G13 cannabis like a recent study published in the NEJM they are gaining real insight into how cannabis works.
Yes, you have a cannabinoid system.


I am in a state where MJ is still illegal, though they usually don't harass ya if it is a small amount for personal use. However, if they decide that it is excessive they can write ya a ticket. This is not too shabby but I need medical grade MJ and so do a lot of other people here. MJ prohibition is blocking people who are ill from receiving medicine that works for them. Prohibition is stupid. However, I must say I have been an MJ connasuer for approximately 48 years, back in the '70s my thumb and index finger had golden tips, I am not a newbie, and this is not my first rodeo. There is still much for me to learn about with medical MJ, but I do have some experience with cannabis. It may not work for everyone but it helps me tremendously with insomnia, pain, stress, racing thoughts, and I have been grieving so it also helps as an appetite stimulant.

I have one question if Ky senators want more research, why don't they talk to Isreal because they seem to be the leaders in marijuana research.