Medicating With Cannabis

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I did pot for years and years. Actually from 15 years old-36.....I found that when my PTSD/anxiety was out of control, the pot made it worse...That is the reason I had to quit. The anxiety, and paranoia became to hard to handle.......I now like and need to be in control of me, my emotions, and I know that doing drugs, does not allow me to be in control!!!!

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As I post this response, please know that I am only speaking from my experience and that of a lot of friends that have been where I was. This is just not a theory or arguement for the sake of arguement. Please, don't take the following personal...

Before I was medicated by Drs., I used pot to "control my symptoms". When I was young, they did a pretty OK job of it. As my tolerance grew (and I felt like at times I needed a little boost ie, alcohol and pills) I found a point in my early 30's where it just didn't work. The THC may have been there, but the symptom relief diminished. I LOVED smoking was my heal all for so many years. I justified why it was OK to smoke and convinced myself that it was my friend, my pain reliever.

For me, it just stopped working and made things worse. Panic attacks, unsafe feelings, anger, sadness, frustrating emotions I couldn't identify... I felt like I was controlling the amount I used cause I didn't want to be a drug addict (like some friends and family) I had control. I did, as a matter of fact.

Now that it didn't work anymore, I freaked. What will I do now? I continued to smoke and eventually went to sh*t. Violent symptoms from my depression/DID/manic/obsessive came to the front. Now, nothing short of enduring the pain (physically and mentallly) I searched for things that would do the trick. Pills didn't work, hard drugs didn't work. I'de get real high at first, then hell would break loose on my symptoms. I went bat-sh*t crazy!!

I find it much easier to handle the pain now that I don't use any mind-altering substance. That includes meds the Drs have given me. There are meds that work and you can find the ones that don't give YOU side-effects or cause dependence. You have to keep searching and stop being lazy by holding on to the one thing that's the easiest to get. IMHO, when you are high, you are high. It doesn't matter if its chemicals or will loose in the end, (IMHO!!!)
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