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Muse Meditation Headband


I purchased a Muse headband to help with meditation. I’m wondering if anyone else uses this, or a similar device?

I have the Muse S and a year long subscription. I decided to take the plunge and buy it as I figured that if it helps, it’s definitely worth it (I paid about $350 for the headband and a year long subscription.)

I mainly use it to help calm me down at the end of the day so that I can sleep. (I use an unguided meditation and not a sleep meditation.)

I try to stay awake until the end but that never happens. I usually wake up later and can see my brainwave activity from when I was sleeping. My favorite is the rainforest meditation where the rain gets lighter when your mind calms down and when your brain becomes calm you also hear these birds as well. It’s amazing how my mind is learning to get to a calmer state.

There are a ton of other meditations, both unguided and guided (with a voice). You can download the app and do some of the meditations without the headband or subscription, but it’s definitely a different experience with the headband.
I can’t stand this sort of thing, but my kid? Would probably looooove it. Thanks for the heads up! 💕 It’s reeeeally hard finding things for people who share the same issues, but find best results elsewhere.