My boyfriend hit me again and I left him


How are you getting on now?

I too have just left an abusive relationship, all be it emotional and mental

Look up Narcissist abuse on U-tube. This helped me a great deal with learning the cycle of abuse.
It gave me clairty when i was blinded by love.

The similarities about them giving gifts only to take them back are exactly what happened to me.
After the first time, i realized this and made sure I paid for my own push bike and garden chairs or he would have just come and taken them from me.
He made me give back his gift of gothic hanging baskets to his mum when we split.
When we got back together he gave them back.
When we split again, he stole them from my garden at midnight ( I have cctv).

Two days later he returned them and wanted another chance.
I stupidly fell for it again!. It messes with your mind
So any gift from a narcissist is a temporary loan.

Now I won't accept anything from him, and I won't accept abuse in my life!
Hes GONE and im praying he stays away.
Be aware of hoovering techniques to try to get you back.
It's usually because the new supply is getting wise to their tricks.

You can do better than this narcissist man.

We both have to LET THEM GO, as a brighter life awaits us.
Hope you can get some knowledge to help ease your pain.


I wanted to say hi, I missed this somehow, I can't read this, I know you understand. But I hope you are ok and I’m sending you peace and love . None of us deserves any of this but we live through it somehow anyway.