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Sufferer My experience with regression therapy & a question when to quit therapy

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I want to thank you for this:
I read somewhere that we ‘decide who we are in the context of other people’. But you need an identity somewhere inside to put the ‘context of other people’ next to that. I mean: You can only see if something is big or small if you have a thing to compare it to.
It is my belief based my therapy experience that yes this is true and myself or entity or core or identity was extremely small in comparison to the other person - - - - of course the first one being my mother. I did not see me inside of me. I saw (in experience of regression and dissociation) my mother impact being the forefront. So I thank you deeply for explicitly putting into words.

About your grief and trauma, not sure if this helps, but truama is any negative life experience for a child and adult that was not processecd. Grief and mourning is we as adult to for some experience that can become traumatic. If a woman loses a child to natural causes she will grief not necessarily traumatized provided she has space to mourn. If a child loses a parent and even mourns pro properly the loss may become traumatic until it is processed as an adult... Mostly when that child has her own children. You have lost parents without knowing them well and that is devastating and truly the worst thing that can happen to a child and now you are truly in bereavement and mourning and I can only emphatise with your loss and mourning. I hope you find peace in your heart and that loss gives you strength.
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