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My Wife Just Told Me To Go Kill Myself Because Of My Combat Related Ptsd

Discussion in 'Military & Emergency Services' started by Jason Foreman, Sep 9, 2016.

  1. Rain

    Rain To have hope is a choice Banned Premium Member Generous $250+

    Crossing my fingers for you and for your family. Be proud of your choice to reach out one more time and I hope that it all works out to give you some peace of mind and spirit.
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  3. seedling

    seedling I'm a VIP Donated

    Way to go to find some treatment!
    Sometimes it's easy to get stuck on paths that lead nowhere and not look for the options. There's always options even when it seems there's nothing else that can be done.
    Your kids need you. Period.
    It's the difference between
    1) my dad was bad for a while when we were younger but then got help and now we have a (hopefully good/stable) relationship
    2) my dad got PTSD bad and then committed suicide. I wish........

    What is happening now won't be the way it is forever.

    Hang in there!
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  4. Sighs

    Sighs Not a Fairytale Moderator Donated

    Just some words of hope - my partner is a vet with combat PTSD. His wife left him. He was homeless. No help from DVA. He wanted to kill himself.

    Six years down the track - things are better. DVA approved his claim. He met me. (Lol). We bought a place in the country with dogs and horses.

    He still has bad days. But he's doing ok. And you can too.
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  5. Ire-7736

    Ire-7736 New Member

    It is a choice you have to make and no one can make it for you.
    You can choose to end the suffering that is life or you can choose
    to fight, it won't be easy and you will have your bad days but its is
    worth holding onto life for those days that you know will come.
    Your kids graduation, their weddings and future grandchildren.
    I am not a father but it is the thought of one day having my own
    family that gets me through my dark days. Life is short and beautiful
    live it my American Brother.
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  6. void

    void I'm a VIP

  7. dulcia

    dulcia I'm a VIP Donated

    Exactly what I was going to say.

    Any update, Jason?
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  8. donethat

    donethat Member

    I am in nearly the same shape. I've managed to get this far but I'm in a huge spiral. I have nobody really. But I am here, you are there. So you are not alone (neither am I ). We all have to have somebody to talk to. Send me a message, I would love to chat with you.
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  9. woundedmind

    woundedmind Member

    Well, you might want to leave that relationship as being highly toxic and antithetical to your continued existence. Just a suggestion.
  10. ParalyzedMind

    ParalyzedMind Member

    Hi Jason. Until last week, I was working with vets as well. I also worked for QTC doing C&P exams and the stories and horrors was very heart breaking to listen to.

    Your wife is NOT a good spouse here. I would get a good friend and at least separate at this point. You need to get your head safe and sound in order and you cannot afford such cruelty.

    Before I had a total meltdown, I had plans to design a recovery program for vets with mental health and addiction. I am a Suboxone prescriber as well and take care of addicts with all the comorbidity there. It is absolutely heart breaking how our good veterans have been treated by our elected leaders and both parties have been abysmal. What has happened with the VA is a criminal act and the fact that people have not gone to prison for it makes me very angry as people are thrown in jail for all kind of nonsense.

    Have you heard about the legacy vets? They have chapters in many states. Not sure where you are, but this is a true brotherhood of like minded. It was my dream to get more involved as I am a veteran myself too and all the things I have seen and heard makes me lose ALL hope there are any good elected politicians left.

    Please be with us and let us help you. I need tons of help myself and I am sure we all can make a difference. Your wife sounds very cruel and, most likely have no idea what is going on in your head.

    Ignorance and cruelty is NOT a combination you want a spouse to have.

    God bless you and stay strong. I am trying to as well.
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