Other Mystery Anal Pain and Sudden Panic


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recently I went upstairs and when i came downstairs and walked into the living room, i got pain in my anus, like a sudden sore feeling slightly achy i guess and i'm not sure why and then when i sat down i suddenly felt really panicky and I don't understand why i had that reaction when i have no memory of any anal related abuse.

I'm wondering what people think happened like why do you think I randomly felt panicky after sudden anal pain???
It could be anything….

there is the pain.
and then there is your reaction to it.

so the pain could be a medical problem, and do you need to see a doctor?
it could be a body memory.
it could be nothing at all, just a feeling that has gone.

then your reaction:
could be anxiety because of all the thoughts and challenges you have at the moment. So it’s a trigger.
could be that any sensation in your body makes you anxious.

what do you think it is?
@Movingforward10 that specific pain hasn't happened since. I sometimes have what I'm pretty sure is period related stabbing pain in my a us but that wasn't stabbing pain and I wasn't on or about to start my period when it happened.
I don't normally get any emotional reaction to the stabbing pain, it just hurts a bit then goes, so that's why I'm particularly confused why I felt randomly panicky at the different type of pain this time cause I just sat down to carry on what I was doing and wasn't going to worry about it too much but then I felt really anxious. I wasn't having any thoughts about it other than it feeling different to the normal pain.
I'd just been watching random videos.
So we can randomly feel panicky. It doesn’t mean that you have been anally raped. the feeling in your body could have just made you panic. Maybe because it was a new sensation, maybe because it was unexpected, any number of reasons.

you also have been dealing with the issue of the online man and the anal situation where you fainted. So maybe feeling something in that body part made you panicked because of that.

I would suggest the thing to focus on is grounding techniques and positive messages to yourself : you are safe, nothing is happening that is abusive, it was a feeling in your body, everything is ok.