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Navigating a Toxic Relationship in High School

Hi! I'm 3 months late, but I will give an update on my situation if you still care! :)

So, it got pretty bad for me, my PTSD caused me to spiral at school and I attempted to end my life again. Luckily, I lived and I was able to leave the psych ward early. I became comfortable telling why I decided to try and end my life. As a result, I got taken out of my public school. I haven't seen my abuser in almost 3 months now. I feel as if my thoughts are starting to clear up. It's been really confusing the past few months, but I think it's better. Next year I'm definitely getting fully homeschooled. I don't want to ever see my ex again. Thank you for your support, I thought of this post often whenever I was doubting myself again. Thank you so much, I'll try my best to continue recovering.
Oh, another thing.. Apparently when I disappeared from school, she decided to transition into a woman,, and started dressing and acting like me at school. It helped me realize she was pretty odd.. She waited until I disappeared to become what I was, took my friends, changed their hair to look exactly mine, dresses like me, likes the things I introduced to her.. A lot more odd things. After this whole scenario I just got so weirded out I never wanna look at her again.
Of course I still care ❤️

So sorry it had to get that bad before you were removed from that situation, but so, so happy it's working out! 🫂 I was hoping you'd get a good outcome.

Thank you for updating, and stay well ❤️‍🩹