Not for men only - a place to discuss men's trauma issues (comments welcomed from all)


I would agree we get driven into things in an effort to fit somewhere. The disassociation is so dramatic. It reminds me right now of Neo and "the architect" . The most pertinent question, "Why am I here"?
Interesting. I think it could very well be dissociation. It is always as if they were trying to embody the opposite of the unhealthy female archetype that hurt them to the core. It saddens me to see such an existential pain. Anyways, thank you for the exchange. ?


I figure this is an appropriate place to discuss my anger about the most recent episode of the Bachelorette US that involved a game of "strip dodgeball" where the men in the team that lost each round had to strip off an item of clothing until eventually the losing team had to take a "walk of shame" home, completely naked.

I'm sorry, what?

The bachelorette, Clare Crawley, this season is supposedly all for female empowerment.

You don't achieve female empowerment through the objectification of men.

You wouldn't put a female cast of the Bachelor through the same thing.
Setting up a game of dodgeball where the women had to strip each round and the losers were forced to walk home completely naked?

Yeah, nah.

Quit perpetuating double standards: they're disgusting.


You don't achieve female empowerment through the objectification of men.
Sheesh - haven't seen the episode you're talking about, but that sounds like more than objectification, and definitely humiliation and degradation.
On (inter)national tv.

I hope, like a growing number of reality shows here in Australia, the provision of professional counselling support, even after the show has ended, is available to all these contestants.

There are ways to celebrate the male form that are not degrading. Strip Dodgeball wouldn't be one of them.


I spoke out against a similar theme of meme- not naked - but a ‘hot teacher’ meme ( teacher was a guy) .

i feel very strongly about this - when women like me are asking that society does better - we have to include women in that - my version of equality does not mean sinking to the lowest equal denominator but rising to a better , non damaging position that might not be the same but offers equal opportunity to all.