Not Wanting To Be Around People

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I have experienced people change on a dime, the totally unexpected, but maybe the worst is the sociopath who is a chronic liar. I think it is like 6% of the population is a sociopath. They always have ulterior motives. Once exploited by one of these creatures, I dont think life can ever be the same. Since, I have gradually isolated but another event caused led me to chronic isolation. It may feel good, but I dont think it is real healthy or the solution for me. I think at the root is not trusting self. I dont trust myself enough to keep myself safe when it comes to some people, and dont always know who those people are, and if I am out in the world and "living" and busy, then I could be too caught up and not see it coming, or minimize or ignore it. Intellectually, I know its irrational, but every cell in my body feels it when I try to talk myself into doing something social. I guess the question is, is it enhancing our lives?
That's a hard question to answer brat17... I don't think about doing things that will enhance my life, all I seem to think about is survival...

Maybe in a way it does enhance our lives because we spend more one on one time with our friends and family and that's far more important than going out to social events where the people and music are so loud, you can't even hear yourself think.
I hate chronic liar's. Heck i hate all liars. I just wish people could tell the freaking truth. I am isolated as well. i don't have friends and can't trust any body any more. i have come to believe that my parents won't always be there for me which i think made my ptsd worse because i know they will be there in the future but not always since people don't live forever. but i have seen sooo many people die in my family (not literally witnessed) but a lot of people "left." my uncle, grandpa, grandma.

i think isolating ourselves gives us the small comforts, knowing that nothing bad can happen. but it doesn't really do us any good. i used to go to the malls and stores like every day (window shop mostly). i knew what i wanted and enjoyed life.

Try pen palling to get to know people. what i do, or used to do is when i got a letter i would go to barnes and nobles get a ice coffee and just read the 6 page letter i get from my one pen pal in wisconsin. Knowing that people are taking the time out to write to you i feel honestly makes your day a little brighter... a good website is
Yes. Oh I totally relate. I realize I need people to feel human again and that would be the only reason I'd care to engage. Not because I'm lonely, or because I want to be social. Just because I realize it helps me to be around people.
I am also an animal over people person. I know why but trying to explain it to anyone who has never been traumatised at the hands of another person is impossible. I don't hate people, I just don't trust them enough to prefer spending alot of time with them unless necessary. Sad but honest. Since my PTSD really kicked into gear three years ago, I've never been so alone both physically and emotionally. I have gotten used to it and now prefer it. Life is much less complicated and stressful. I can concentrate on getting myself to whatever my "best" me will be with fewer distractions.
melody I know what you mean. I know life would be enhanced if I were out, not to be so social but to be doing something good, such as volunteering. Just as I am getting close, something happens to make me realize why I dont. Like Megan, not caring for liars in any sense. Some people just seem to want to attack and need to make things up in order to make some sense of their stories. And Kimba, I love my dogs. They are not complicated and always love us.
Just as I am getting close, something happens to make me realize why I dont.

I hear you brat17, but it does get easier. I chose a place where all the doors are locked and no one gets in without permission, so the only thing I have to worry about is getting there and back.
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