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Our cats

Filled out adoption papers today for these sisters. Still need shots and spayed before its finalized. We will see.
It's been just too weird. First time in 35 years without a cat in the house.....

Sorry for your loss @Freddyt 🫂
Thanks Teasel....
21 for a cat is like 100 for a human so you know the end is coming - and we could see it too. Had time to talk to my T about it too because she was part of my coping system.
The only part that's been hard was she liked being an only cat so for the first time in 36 years (Thought it was 35 but we had a cat before we got married) we have no cat. Its like there are ghosts in a way. When you expect to see a cat - there isn't one.

It also means for the first time in almost that long I have to train cats too. When you have a cat they train the new cat for you.....
No less painful but having the chance to prepare does count for something I think. Glad you had her for so long. And I look forward to seeing photos of the youngsters :)
I have to train cats
I trained my cat to walk on a leash and push those word buttons but the word buttons were a bit intense—she became kind of demanding 😹 so I took them away—I might return to them and try a different approach, not sure. Some famous “talking” cats are Billi, Steve, and Russell—you can find them on YouTube under a search for “talking cat” and their name.
The leash walking is a whole thing called “adventure cats”—people take them hiking and stuff. Mine just walks around the neighborhood—and she loves it! But walking a cat is a different experience than walking a dog because they are so sensitive and easily overwhelmed or over-stimulated—it’s a slow process of habituation and lots of patience. The leashes for cats are like bungee cords in case they bolt it won’t yank their body and the harnesses are specially built so they can’t back out of them.
I’m so excited for you!
Squishy used to say hello and pretty clearly too. But always out of my sight - never when I could see her, and always from the top of the stairs.

The one I hope for - my first cat Spooky used to come in the bathroom for a steam when I had a shower and get brushed when I got out, Squishy took over doing that. I hope the girls do it too.

The leash walking is a whole thing called “adventure cats”—people take them hiking and stuff. Mine just walks around the neighborhood—and she loves it!
We have an off leash for dogs in the pipeline right of way behind us so its doubtful we will get that adventurous.
Wow....what a change. from a senior cat who had trouble getting around to two kittens full of springs and flying around the house - knocking everything over.

We have always left food out for our cats. None of this feeding time stuff.....dish empty...fill it. So they are getting used to that too. It goes play, pig out, pass out right now. Play is crazy......they are so fun to watch. And we are getting closer to names. Missy for the Calico and possibly Pearl for the white one. Although Smokey ans Lola are still possibilities.