Our cats

Claw trimming today. Wiggly wiggly little kittens...... Then treat time.

Churu - also known as cat crack. Its a puree packaged in a foil tube,

OMG wrestling match with Missy, holes in the tube from biting it, puree squirting out like spaghetti, trying to swallow the whole tube.....

What a fun way to make a mess.....
Getting petted makes me happy!

Just look at the size of that mouse I caught!!!
One other thing for cat owners. I got a thing called a Litter Locker a few weeks ago. Basically, its a tub that holds an insert with a tube of bag maerial. Pull the material out tie a knot, make sure theres enough bag to reach the bottom, close the top.
When you scoop, you open the top and there is a trap door about 4-5" down that pinches the top og the bag closed. Scoop and open the trap door - material falls in the bag, trap door closes, smell is trapped inside. Repeat until it as full as you want or you want to change the bag, tip the top assembly back and theres a safety cutter to cut the bag. Knot the top and remove, knot the bottom and make sure it reaches the bottom and begin again.

Most smell proof option I have ever tried for cat litter.
LOL… My cat(s) go outside, unless they’re sick.

My mum on the other hand? Puts a litter box outside?!? I don’t grok the reasoning behind that, although she’s attempted to explain it to me on several occasions (largely when she’s trying to convince me to clean it). Um. No.