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Our cats

Otis - the escape artist. Lucky little guy. Back then if they didn't get adopted......well he was in his last hour when we decided to take him home. Only male cat we ever had.
Have just gone through this entire thread. So many heartwarming pictures and descriptions. Have tears drying on my cheeks from the deep-felt loses, and joy in my heart from the profound love you have for your cats, past and present ones.
I say I have four cats, and two cats have me. Will post pictures later. Glad to have found this thread
Finally.....got them between their two usual states - sleeping and ripping the house to shreds. They are about 8 months now. Pearl is such a sweetheart, and Missy likes to talk to me. I find it funny they have the same color stripe - on opposite sides of their nose. Must be how you can tell they are sisters.
Wow, they are only kittens a few months.......now at 8 months.....there are two states, passed out sleeping, or ripping around the house at 900 miles an hour chasing each other and fighting.

Even playing with the toy has changed - Missy sits and watches birds in the window and then comes and practices killing them on the toy. Pearl is mellow about playing - no doubt she gets into it but she's catch and release where Missy loves if you make it struggle and try to get away.....
So FridaysCat is the most POLITE creature I have ever come across. I know. The irony is not lost.

(( It’s to the point that he’s won over a few cat-haters, because he always asks before jumping up (sits. Taps leg with paw. Meows. If told no? Goes elsewhere, or asks someone else, or taps the piece of furniture next to the person, and waits for the go ahead. If told yes? Jumps up. THAT level of WTFO?!? A cat who respects boundaries?!?))

He ALSO will not play with me. If I have one of his toys? He calmly sits, and waits for his turn. Only once I’m “done” playing, does he resume. >.< (He will play with TheKiddo, & others, but me? Nope.).


There’s new construction a few houses over, on an empty lot.

Which means we are FLOODED with mice/rats/miscreants looking for a new home. (We tell my father that they’re “night squirrels”. He’s already at war with the squirrels. He doesn’t need the stress of new species.)

TheCat is an avid Hunter. Birds, mice, rats, rabbits… his declawed majesty fells them all. (And spent a couple of years attempting to teach TheKiddo, before giving up a lost cause. OMFG. The rabbits. From the dead ones he would “wiggle” to attempt to get TheKiddos attention, to half dead, to crippled, to very VERY alive… faaaaawk… that cat was determined to make up for my failings as a mother.)

So back to our recent rodent issue.

I made the mistake of tracking one down on the deck, whilst he was there.

And now?

Our avid mouser/ratter/hunter extraordinaire has apparently decided that I have claimed hunting rights. And is patiently waiting for me to have my fun.


Cat. Please. After you. No, no. I insist.

I may have to physically leave the house for a few days, if I want the problem dealt with.
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I used to have a elderly female and two younger male cats. Turns out the males round up the prey and leave it to the female to kill. My boys did their bit. She however, decided she was too old for that nonsense and came upstairs to wake me up so I could sort the problem. It was two in the morning.