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Our cats

TheCat has informed my that my housekeeping is… lacking.

To be fair, the fridge going belly up, and then a frantic search for hair clippers (unrelated events on the same day), HAS led to green growing things next to his water, next to a tray of sauces, next to shoes, next to a black mesh bag (empty) & wadded up piece of paper (that he SHALL NOT bat, but arrange himself awkwardly around; it’s not his job to keep surfaces clear, mind your business, human!) on HIS blue cushion/lazy ladder to the balcony railing.

I tried explaining to him that plants 🪴 & 🍶sauces on the floor, and shoes on chairs, are better than drum sets on top of the dining room table, but he is unimpressed with my excuses.

@PlainJane Orange cats are the BEST.
Maybe....you shoulf feel honored. Because the cat feels like you are the one most likely to do something about it...........
Weirdly enough? That’s toooootally true.

2 people will just complain.
1 person will yell & scream about it until someone else does something.
1 person will walk 10x out of their way to inform someone else.
1 person will either have a panic attack or rage clean.
1 person simply leaves the house, and the &/or their mess, on repeat.
2 people it just doesn’t bother. What mess?

And then? Out of the 9 of us? There’s me. Who just does shit, instead of talking about it, complaining about it -or- complaining about how someone else is doing it, losing their shit about it, or ignoring it.

🤣 LMFAO. C’est la vie!

ETA… To be fair? I ALSO just ignore shit, and wait until people are gone to clean, rather than deal with the drama/family politics of cleaning “wrong”. I only have so much energy, and wasting it on drama, easily avoided by doing nothing? Yah, nope. 99:100 nope.
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2 part dangle from the small Lord.