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Our cats


After my last cat crossed over she sent her spirit sister to come live with me. This is “Cassie Lee,” who fit right in and is already providing substantial support. The way she presses her body against mine heals my nerves and the way she races after her toys lightens my heart.
My cat is 17 ( I think) and I think she is losing her sight. We lost her sister last year. But our kitty is still pretty healthy- just started arthritis meds because sometimes getting onto the bed or making bigger leaps is a bit tough. However - today she - Rode in a wheel barrow while we were gardening, gave one of the dogs some living head butts ( in fact the one she is less tolerant of - though dog adores her- so I wondered if she is going senile too) climbed a small tree in the garden while shouting so we looked at her. Helped me sort laundry. Climbed in bags I was looking in ( pic attached) and sat on my belly while I bathed and played with bubbles .

We were saying yesterday that had we had any idea this would happen it would have been great to get a couple of kittens- our cats are super chill and social - we were both around a lot and DH is very calm influence . It would have been the best time to induct new kittens into the family .


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I want to get a cat. I ideally she would be a small adult female, so that I know she will remain small. I live in a one bedroom apartment, that's why. A calico would be nice. I used to have a bunch of cats when I was in college. Now I live alone, So I just want some company. Fuzzy purring is such a nice thought. So, I need to buy a cat box, litter, toys, food dishes, bed, cat food and....

What should I do other than that.