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I am working on getting some pet insurance quotes... Made an appt with the vet.

Ask the vet with which insurance they work with - some insurance providers offer to waive the wait period if you sign them up during an examination (where they hopefully don't find anything as that would again be a pre-existing condition)


This is Maya and a rare photo of her being snuggly. We adopted her as a semi feral cat found living in bins and she has the cat version for HIV. She's now about 10 years old and not a 'lap cat', but shows affection now and then. Which suits me fine. I would be overwhelmed if she needed cuddles all the time and I think I'm not a 'lap cat' too!


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@whiteraven do you have a pic of your new cats?

I am so proud of Cassie. She took two walks in her harness today. This has been a long training process. Yesterday she took her first walk on a harness outside the patio gate. It’s a narrow sidewalk with walls or fences on either side. She walked down to where the path forks and then walked back. “Walk” doesn’t quite describe it. Mostly it is her rolling on the ground by each little shrub and me encouraging her and redirecting her not to walk behind the shrubs. After she rolls a bunch then she walks a bit. She understands that we walk out then back and through the gate which leads to our patio.

Today she did the same as yesterday but a little farther. Something interesting to me is that she wants to go outside so badly and makes it known, but then when I put the harness on and it’s time to go out the door she lays down and wants to take her time crossing the threshold outside. So opposite of a dog who wants to go NOW. With this cat everything is eased into.

Here’s a picture with her favorite lemongrass after our second (and last!) walk today. The harness is called “Come With Me Kitty” and I got it from a website called Adventure Cats.