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Our feathered friends, birdbrains, and wingnuts


Big Bird (now called Rooster) so big now, can sit like a mama bird. Little Bird (now called Raisin) still pushing the beak straight up. So close to fledging I have to be very careful not to spook them. I didn’t realize that part of the reason they are different sizes (probably staggered hatching) is so they can fledge staggered. Fledging at the same time would be cumbersome and also easy picking for a predator since there’s only two of them.
In my Great ChickenMcNugget Quest …I got distracted halfway through and started making chicken meatballs. The end result was… chicken bread? GHASTLY horrible, near inedible stuff. That, apparently? Is like crack for crows. (Yes! I AM in the right thread;). I have never, ever, had them BEGGING for more, obliterating the next offering, and begging again. And again. And again. It was just like… whoa. You won’t be able to fly, you’re just gonna have to waddle to the couch and fall asleep watching football in a minute.