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Our feathered friends, birdbrains, and wingnuts


Daughter and I love all birds including pigeons—we call them nerds. Whenever we see ones that look slightly different we name them. I named this one Splash. He had a great business walk.
On the hottest day of the year, at dusk, after the murder has already flown home… 2 baby crows sat on a wire outside. I tried feeding them, but only one was brave enough to come eat, and then the other chastised him back up on the wire.

I was starting to get worried about what happened to their parents.

It wouldn’t be the first time crows had slept on my deck, until the murder flew out in the morning, but those had all been adults familiar with the house, me, and TheCat.

After about an hour? A solitary crow flying up the lake diverted over, checked the two younglings out, and then got on the grapevine (calling VERY loudly, his calls repeated at intervals from further up the lake, and then suddenly from down the lake as well.) 2 more baby crows flew in, from down the lake, so I had a 4some of half-fluff-ragamuffins on the wire, and 1 very cranky adult.

Seems the kids? Stayed out past curfew.

All collected now.
TheCat says his new food? Is for the birds. 🤢

TheCrows disagree. Whatever this shit is? Is not food. 🤮

Whole sardines cutlets in mackerel pate w crab consume? Yeah. The cans came free along with his regular tuna/chicken mousse schtuff. I feel like someone at the factory threw the wrong levers… an ended up with this nightmare. So now we all get “free” cans o’disaster.


It’s reminding me of a casserole I made, one time, that not even TheDOG would eat. He just looked at it. Looked back at me. Looked at it. Looked back at me… with big sad eyes… and his ears/tails flattened… wanting to know. What did he do wrong??? Why is he being punished???

Seriously. Crows will eat out of dumpsters at the docks… but they look at this… and wing backwards in alarm.
How the heck have I missed these threads?!? Birds have become so important to me over the last couple of years--I usually post in the photography forum. When I was in elementary school--and apparently before a rehab license was required, I raised several wild birds for release, three of whom were babies.

Nowadays, I love them all, but I esp. love black vultures, ravens/crows, and herons.
Learned about a micro genre of music called dariacore today which is a glitchy mashup of sampled audio and music that has been distorted. Was listening to it not too loud while cleaning my sliding glass door.

A mockingbird started jamming with it! On beat and in rhythm with its own mashup of songs and sounds. It was incredible and delightful to listen to; I stopped cleaning and just soaked it all in, hardly believing my ears. I kept being skeptical but then the bird would make some sick riff. In fact, at first I thought the bird sounds were a part of the music because it was so in tune.

And it makes sense to me that the mockingbird resonated with the mashup song which was loaded with buzzes and trills, as it’s way of communicating is through mashups! My love for mockingbird birds deepened immensely from that experience.
At work we have an aquaponics system with Tilapia and one time the teacher who takes care of it bought a huge sack of waterfowl pellets instead of fish pellets and then realized the fish weren’t doing well on that diet so he was going to toss them on the compost. I took them to feed the ducks at the city pond.

This morning I went out there with pup and it was the usual lovely. Saw more cormorants than usual. The winter visitors: wigeons, wild mallards, and a few cavasbacks. The resident coots, ring necks, and domestic cast-offs released by people who don’t want ducks anymore. No wood ducks this time. The Muscovy hen was nowhere to be seen, sadly. I worried about her too much as I have a soft spot for Muscovies. She showed up last year and always seemed like the shy girl at the party, no others of her species to talk to.

Saw a new species for me. First time at the pond and first time ever. Thought it was a duckling but it was a little pied-billed grebe. Widespread and common in America, but somehow eluding me until now!

I was feeding and the big domestic cast-offs came right up to me and pummeled my hand with their smooth bills. I loved the feeling! I used to do wildlife rescue as a teenager and was on the duck team. That feeling of the duck eating out of my hand brought me right back to being surrounded by my ducks—it was a sanctuary for me. The ducks taught me that there was so much more in the world than my small perspective.
I hope I never stop being enchanted by a flock of pigeons whirling in the sky. I think every day I love pigeons a little more.

Last night I dreamt about a pigeon and a penguin that were in love. The pigeon was swimming like a duck and the penguin beside it under water. They came up to me and were nuzzling each other.