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The case is non-violent, and for all practical purposes I am looking at the bank end of it.

I am told that only 1 in 100 applications for VA court are accepted. For that I am grateful. But that does not mean that I am not the real victim in this case. The USA has a lot to learn about law enforcement. Protecting criminals from their victims is not a system of justice.

I go for my monthly treatment and it is very emotional.

"Robin" has no business posting, and should be removed.


That's not my name @phred , but thanks.

I asked you a clarification question, you provided explanation, works for me enough.

I perhaps may have been politer with the phrasing, on another hand, many of our members were victims of terrorism in this fashion or the other, and I'm NOT going to apologize for strong stances against that subject matter, or people involved with it.

Also in regards and respect to all of the victims here. So for that.


@phred - welcome, glad to have you on the site. I'm glad the miscommunication with Ronin was cleared up. And (if you haven't), you should check out the community constitution - it's a good way to understand how we operate.

If you have any questions, you can always access staff/admins via contact us.

@Ronin - I'm empathetic to the things you're struggling through lately, but this is not the first time you've flared up at a poster for what turned out to be a misunderstanding. Remember to take a breath.

ALL: There's a report button at the bottom of every post. See a problem? Hit report. Getting after other members for 'doing it wrong'...generally makes things worse. Use Report. Use Ignore.


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Second time? On my first post I was insulted needlessly.

I am clearly not compatible with this forum. Have a nice life.
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